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Little Bitch

Make Model

  • 2012 Blade SR

Power System

  • 3900Kv brushless
  • stock 2 in 1 brushless ESC/Mixer

Servos, RX and 3G System

  • Custom tail Stock DD N60 crap
  • Spectrum 2.4GHz DSM2


  • Main: microheli 255mm #MH-SR088CF


  • The blade SR is the worst heli to fly, and after investing a lot of time repairing, upgrading, and practicing a limit has to be realized after $1000 investment, not worth it.
    Still can’t fly any respectable 3D, I have learned what does make a quality helicopter, perform as expected, fine tuning preset’s, such as how throttle and pitch curves work, dual rates and exponentials work, adjusting the mix crossover points from rpm decay during cyclic and rudder inputs…. Gyro rate and heading hold differences. Not to mention the mechanical aspect of build and trying different thing’s to make it a more controllable, stable platform to control.
    Which will never happen with the Blade SR, I have flown a figure 8, circular, even a barrel roll, still can’t bank a turn or go inverted with any control.
    Maybe more practice, and more repairs, but I believe it’s a bad design and flawed heli for many reasons, still enjoy the hobby, learning and practicing, but moving on to an Align 450pro DFC, Beastx, and a DX8 transmitter.
    For all you SR enthuses throw out the transmitter that comes with it, and the DS75 servo’s and replace them with the DS76, and that junk G110 Gyro, a $13 HK401B holds up better. That’s a good start.
    For my SR it’s easier to tell you what is still factory stock on it, DSM2 receiver, canopy, canopy mount, tail motor heat sink, and battery strap. That’s what’s left of the original SR. The rest is carbon or alumin.
    Good luck to you all

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